George & Celina
George & Celina

According to a City of Waltham death certificate, Celina was the daughter of Nelson (is this a mistake, and should be Narcisse?) Guertin and Elisabeth Lavoi (Elisa or Eliza Lavoie?). She died on 25 June 1910 at age 53, putting her birthyear about 1857. Other sources give 1854 and March 1858.

Alma’s list has references to both Pinsonneault and Joubert next to her aunt Celina’s name. And Alma writes Sherrington as where Aunt Celina lived. The photo in the album is labeled Cousin Celina and was taken in Waltham. How many Celina Guertins (with George Jouberts) can there be?

It appears that Celina married Olivier Pinsonneault 10 Nov 1874 in Napierville. Waltham records show Celina Guertin Pinsonneault, 33, daughter of Narcisse and Eliza, married George Joubert, 22, on 21 November, 1893.

A later photo in the album shows Celina and family.


The 1900 census lists members of the household as: George, head, age 29, and Celina, wife, age 42, with daughters Anna Joubert, 4, and Agnes Joubert, 2; stepchildren Jennie Pinsonneault, 24, John Pinsonneault, 22, Phoebe Pinsonneault, 18, Marie Pinsonneault, 16, Victoria Pinsonneault, 13, Leo Pinsonneault, 11; and sister Josephine Joubert, 23. (The census taker writes Pinsouno.)

According to Waltham Records: George W. Joubert married Julia M. (Sullivan) Sullivan on 18 February 1912. His parents were Moise and Melina Joubert. He died 19 March 1953