Celina and Family
Celina & Family

The 1900 census lists members of the Joubert household as: George, head, age 29,
Celina, wife, age 42,
with daughters
Anna Joubert, 4,
Agnes Joubert, 2;
and stepchildren (The census taker writes Pinsouno.)
Jennie Pinsonneault, 24,
John Pinsonneault, 22,
Phoebe Pinsonneault, 18,
Marie Pinsonneault, 16,
Victoria Pinsonneault, 13,
Leo Pinsonneault (listed as male), 11;
and sister Josephine Joubert, 23.

1910 census gives 1890 as the year Celina immigrated to the U.S. Members of the household in 1910 (the year Celina died):
George W., 38,
Celina M., 52,
child Anna M. Joubert, 14,
child Agnes M. Joubert, 12,
child Jennie M. Parsons (presumably Pinsonneault), 31,
child Victoria H Parsons, 22,
child Lea R Parsons (listed as female), 20,
Ida Landry, 25,
Laura M. Cousineau, 21

Celina’s daughter Elise married Fernando Giroux in 1893 (see later photo), so we might speculate that this photo was taken after the death of Celina's first husband and shows the Pinsonneault children, starting with Elise as the oldest.